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Importing Into Kenya

A blog on the process of importing goods into Kenya

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Why Your Business Needs a Terrific Freight Forwarding Partner

A short blog on the importance of a freight forwarding company to a business

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Our Global Contacts

USA Your Name/Kenya/ C/O Express Air Freight 147-20 184th street Jamaica, NY, 11413 +1(718)-995-2900 UK GLOBEFLIGHT WORLDWIDE EXPRESS UK Unit 1...

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Shop online - We deliver

Buy Goods online from UK,USA, SA and CHINA and rely on us to deliver to you anywhere in Kenya on time, every time.

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Termination of JEVIC contract

In the legal Notice 78 of 15/07/2005, KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards) signed a contract with JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre) Co ltd fo...

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