Caroline Waswa

Hey There! Welcome! My name is Caroline Waswa. I am one of the original Globeflight Kenya Team . It may be hard to believe, but I began with the company as a receptionist in 2004 and worked my way to General Manager.  

You may wonder how or why, but my answer is simple, logistics became like an addiction for me once I became accustomed to the adrenaline involved in the whole process. 

I have 23 years of experience. This includes my work with Globeflight Kenya and in the logistics industry as a whole. 

Education wise, I have

  • An MBA from Jommo Kenyatta University
  • A BED from Catholic University Of East africa and a Certificate from Krati-East African Customs Freight Forwarding Practice Certificate 

The challenges involved are many, but they have only served as motivation for me to keep pushing towards a resolution.  In addition, Globeflight Kenya as a company is accommodative, has growth opportunity and everyone’s expertise is respected and appreciated .