Chinese Shipping Container Shortage Increases Import Costs

Chinese Shipping Container Shortage Increases Import Costs

,The Chinese, Kenyan and Global logistics industry has gone through up’s and downs in the last two years that are uncanny. From Covid-19 to the Suez Canal incident and now the shortage of shipping containers in China.


There has ben A 20 Percent rise in freight charges following a shortage of shipping containers in China.

This has caused considerable increase on the cost of consumer goods coming into Kenya. A good example is the price of A 40 Foot container. According to Business Daily Africa, the price has increased from from roughly Sh430,800 to Sh646,000 since March this year.

One of the hardest hit industries is the E-Commerce clientele, seeing as a majority of Africa’s Online Shopping platforms rely entirely on shipments from China due to affordability and demand that allowed for more standardized prices prior to.  However, as per now it is an entirely different ball game.

In Ikea’s Singapore Operations Facebook post:

They state that their items are still in stock, although the ‘Global Crisis’ brought about unforeseen transport issues for them as well.

Globeflight Kenya has not been exempt from the situations that have affected the logistics industry as a whole. However, we strive to deliver the best and most efficient service to our clients within our capacity. In addition, we take into consideration the external and internal factors affecting our industry .

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