Edwina Wala

Hi There , My name is Edwina Wala. I have worked in the transport and logistics industries for the last 20 years. I initially began my career at TMX, a courier company, before being poached by Globeflight Kenya in 2004. I have been working with them for the last 17 years up to date.

My expertise is in  customer service and sales, however, at Globeflight I was afforded the opportunity to learn the logistics game from the ground up. As per now, despite being the sales manager, I am well versed in all new and old proper logistics procedures and protocols.  

 I Love the logistics package as a whole, especially as someone who gravitates towards the service industry, the idea of meeting people new people and providing them with quality service they need is what keeps me excited daily. 

At Globeflight Kenya, your initiative is directly proportional to your growth, as it should be!