Joseph Onsongo

Hello, My name is Joseph Omwoyo Onsongo’


I started working with Globeflight Kenya in a very interesting turn of events. They would clear shipments for a client that I was managing at the time. I developed an intrigue with the brand after watching their level of proven efficiency in comparison to other players in the clearing and forwarding field.


When Globeflight Kenya started warehousing I was informed by their then staff member, Joseph Kimotho. I didn’t waste time submitting my CV, went through the interview and managed to secure the job.

Regarding my experience, I am well versed in Inventory Management, Operations & Courier /Transport Services. I put in 12 years at Fargo courier where I handled purchasing and supply management whereas with Globeflight, so far, it has been, 1 year and nine months

I enjoy working in this industry because it involves solution finding such as solving inventory/customer concerns as they arise. 

The best thing about Globeflight Kenya is the dynamic team that I have had the pleasure of working with.