Lamu Port Receives First Vessel May 20 As Lower Fees Entice

Lamu Port Receives First Vessel May 20 As Lower Fees Entice

New Lamu Port Receives First Vessel May 20

The long anticipated Lamu Port, is finally receiving it’s first vessel after much controversy  :

Lamu port is at the risk of becoming a white elephant because I don’t know who is going to use it come June”

~Wycliffe Wanda, the executive officer of the Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association.

The vessel in question is a marine cargo ship set to dock on May 20 2020.

What is intriguing the logistics community now, are the upcoming incentives in terms of lower fees aimed at enticing and directing business towards the fresh faced port.

lamu, port, “Incentives relating to fees and charges for using and clearing goods at the port, as requested by stakeholders, will be gazetted for at least a period of one year, in the next few days, to promote usage of the port by the business and logistics sectors,” said Treasury in a statement.

As they say, there is still opportunity in the midst of adversity. The Lamu Port that we once disregarded may just end up overshadowing other harbors such as Kilindini ( a shallow harbor).  This is mainly due to the fact that it’s capacity to handle bigger ships has increased.

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