Globeflight Kenya offers Omnichannel e-commerce solutions to benefit both E-commerce retailers and their customers in whichever scale. Our smooth processes, backed up by our international networks provide ensures that our customers enjoy convenience and accuracy in the fulfillment process while maintaining constant communication with our immediate and last-mile clients.

  1. Select your desired item from whichever e-commerce platform you’d wish to purchase. 
  2. Call us or send us a WhatsApp inquiry with the products details and key in the address that our customer service team will give you based on the shipment location.
  3. We schedule collections from our international warehouses, create shipping labels and deliver to your door step.
  4. We deliver to your doorstep from across the globe at competitive rate and in the most safe and reliable way!!


Congratulations on starting your journey towards building your dreams into owning a reputable, globally known, e-commerce business. You have identified  your products, spent money on an e-commerce website, product shoots and your samples gained great reviews. You are certain that this is an opportunity for you to make your dreams come true.  

If you fall under the following categories:

  1. You  have identified your products, products but have are experiencing  logistical challenges right from importation.
  2. You have started out well, you store your goods inside your house and do fulfillments by yourself. It has been working out for you but sales have grown and the quality of your services have dropped due to  the incapacity to fulfill orders in large numbers by yourself, delays in delivery by the unreliable delivery means that you use. 
  3. You have a business or product line, with an e-commerce website, you have sold locally and would like sell beyond boundaries, or even start a business in Kenya from abroad.

Our e-fulfillment warehousing solution is for  you. Our solutions are designed to allow for your business growth, it is build for success and allows you to monitor your inventory, financial reports and other tools that are key to your business in real time while we do the warehousing, fulfillment and distribution for you.