Warehousing & Distribution


Globeflight Kenya provides supply chain warehousing and distribution. We currently work with various companies including Kasha Kenya. The goods that you buy on their online marketplace are stored at our SEMCO Warehouse in Mlolongo . 

If your company has a need for warehouse space, distribution services or increased seasonal storage, we have the programs to help you and control the overall cost. Our clients enjoy reduced costs for storage fulfillment, kitting, pick-and-pack, pallet racking, Order Processing supply chain and distribution to the last mile delivery.

Enjoy our racked and bulky warehouse at SEMCO


Enjoy our retail warehousing at SEMCO

Retail warehousing focuses on offering space to showcase products for walk in clients who may have the need to touch and feel effect. This in turn helps convert to potential clients especially for e-commerce businesses.

We also have a caged Warehouse at Next Gen Mall, in the Basement.