The 4 Intriguing Benefits of Using Sea Freight for International Trade

The 4 Intriguing Benefits of Using Sea Freight for International Trade

International trade has become an important component of the Kenyan economy, and it is likely to expand more in the future years. Businesses must use efficient and cost-effective methods of delivering goods across borders to allow this expansion. Many businesses are turning to sea freight as a viable option. 

This blog will go through the advantages of employing it for international trade in Kenya, such as its cost-effectiveness, dependability, and flexibility. In addition, we will highlight GlobeFlight, a top logistics company specializing in sea freight, and explain why they are the best option for enterprises wishing to expand their international trade.


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Benefits of Using Sea Freight for International Trade in Kenya

1. Economical Effectiveness

One of the most significant advantages of maritime freight is its low cost. Shipping by sea is often less expensive than other modes of transportation. This is especially true for companies that must carry big quantities of goods. 

2. Dependability

It is well-known for its dependability. Shipping by water allows for longer transit times, which might be advantageous for companies who are not in a hurry to receive their goods.

3. Adaptability

Sea freight is another versatile alternative for enterprises. Sea transport provides for a diverse range of cargo kinds, including heavy products, Dangerous goods such as batteries, chemicals, etc. Furthermore, it can be used to transport goods to locations with ports  where other modes of transportation may not be available.

4. Environmental Longevity

Sea freight is a more environmentally friendly method of shipping. Shipping by sea emits fewer pollutants and has a lower carbon footprint., which can be an attractive selling feature for environmentally aware companies.


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GlobeFlight: The Best Logistics Company for Sea Freight in Kenya

When it comes to sea freight logistics in Kenya, GlobeFlight is the ideal option for businesses looking to expand their global trade. They have agents all over the world, so they can conveniently ship items to and from anywhere in the world. GlobeFlight offers a number of services to its customers, including customs clearing, cargo consolidation, warehousing distribution, and even ecommerce. Here are a few reasons why GlobeFlight is Kenya’s best sea freight logistics company:

1. Expertise and experience

GlobeFlight has years of experience in maritime freight logistics, and their staff of professionals is well-versed in all elements of the shipping procedure. They assist firms in navigating the intricacies of customs clearance and ensuring that their shipment, upon arrival, are cleared in good time and received in good condition.

2. Trustworthiness

GlobeFlight is well-known for its dependability and dedication to customer satisfaction. They collaborate closely with businesses to ensure that their shipment arrives on time. Their skilled team gives regular updates during the shipping process so that businesses may stay up to date on the status of their consignments.

3. Reasonable Pricing

GlobeFlight’s sea freight services provide reasonable prices making it a cost-effective solution for firms wishing to increase their worldwide trade. They also provide multiple price options, allowing businesses to select the solution that best matches their budget and shipping requirements.

4. Customized Solutions

Globeflight provides tailored solutions for organizations wishing to ship goods by sea. They collaborate closely with businesses to understand their specific shipping demands and build a customized solution that matches their individual needs.


For firms wishing to increase their international trade, it is a cost-effective, dependable, and adaptable choice.  It has been a popular choice for Kenyan enterprises due to its cheaper costs and environmental sustainability. GlobeFlight is Kenya’s leading logistics firm  providing a variety of services and customized solutions to satisfy the specific demands of enterprises. Businesses can rely on GlobeFlight to deliver their cargo on time because of their years of experience and commitment to client satisfaction. In addition to sea freight, Globe Flight also offers Air Freight, Warehousing, customs Clearance regional transport and so much more. Read more about the waregousing solution offered by Globeflight by clicking here

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is sea freight

The movement of products by sea, often known as ocean freight, is referred to as sea freight. Cargo ships are used to deliver commodities from one port to another. It is one of the oldest and most popular routes of international commerce transportation, and it transports a wide range of items such as raw materials, consumer goods, and industrial products. Depending on the volume of goods being transported, it can be utilized for both full container load (FCL) and loose Cargo load (LCL) shipments.


2. What is is sea freight forwarding?

The process of managing the shipment of products by water on behalf of businesses is referred to as sea freight forwarding. GlobeFlight, for example, handles all components of the shipping process, including documentation, customs clearance, cargo consolidation, container transportation, and delivery. They operate as go-betweens for businesses and shipping companies, ensuring that goods are moved safely, swiftly, and affordably. Forwarding companies employ their logistical skills and experience to provide businesses with tailored solutions that fit their specific shipping requirements, such as route optimization and cargo tracking.This forwarding is an important part of international trade since it allows firms to extend their markets and reach new clients.