For an individual shipping consignments can be a gruesome process with a lot of logistics and bureaucracy involved this is where freight forwarding companies come in. The main role of a freight forwarding company is to make the shipping process smooth and efficient for a business.

Here are the five roles played by a good freight forwarding company to ensure the swift shipping of your goods.

Document processing

A good freight forwarder is conversant with all the documents required in order to export and import goods in and out of a country. This forwarding company will process and review the required paperwork for you to ensure your goods are not blocked by the in place authorities.

Advise on the mode of transport

A good freight forwarding company is able to advice on what mode of transport to use to ship your goods because of their extensive knowledge and experience with the different modes of transport. The advice is based on the urgency, the size or the detail of the goods (whether they’re fragile or not).

Tracking your shipment

It’s nerve-racking to have goods in transit and not know where they are, the status they are in and when they’ll reach their destination. Freight forwarding companies are able to track your goods and tell you exactly where they are and even give you a timeline of when they will reach the assigned destination.


A good freight forwarding company will not wait for you to call and ask if your shipment has arrived, they will call you in advance to inform you of the arrival of the shipment.

Custom Brokerage

The clearing process is long, timely and tedious, a good freight forwarding company will ensure once your goods arrive the port of dock they’re cleared for entry into the country legally. You will not need to find a third party agent to clear your goods

Ship With Confidence

At the end of the day to stay above your competition you need a great freight forwarding company that takes up all these roles to ensure smooth running of your business since your goods will always arrive on time

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